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FX and CFD Liquidity

We strive to provide industry-leading liquidity to give the best prices

We Clearing aims in providing deep liquidity and help clients globally to obtain the best market prices on the various financial instruments we offer. We have used all our expertise in building a consistent liquidity network and we have also built strong relationships with top-tier banks to provide high flexibility to our clients’ needs.

  • Tailored and deep liquidity pools
  • Super-tight pricing
  • Leverage up to 1:200
  • Raw spreads
  • FX and CFDs on indices, commodities & precious metals

FX andCFD Liquidity

Trading Feeds

Cost-effective solutions and High-performance technology

We always strive to meet the demands and standards of our clients. We provide low-latency connectivity and super-tight pricing for our clients to yield the best outcome. In addition, we offer the latest order routing capabilities even in times of volatile market conditions. Our tailor-made solutions decrease the execution cost for the clients & also ease out the trade transactions.

Cost-effective solutions &

High-performance technology

We Clearing